Megan Burger

megan burger headshot
Megan Burger
Senior Technical Training Developer
Change Management
Change Communication
Change Leadership Skills Training

Megan has 6 years of experience in training development & delivery and organizational change management as a team member, lead and co-manager. Her skills cover Training Development, Training Delivery, Communications, Business Change & Impact Mitigation, Role Mapping, Training, End-User Transition and Sustainability and are based on real-world experience in on-going projects. She has personally configured SEN and developed full courses, complete with customized documents and course editing. She is highly intelligent and comes up to speed quickly in any environment.

Since challenges are a natural part of project implementation, she easily maintains the necessary processes and controls required to integrate and execute successful training and change management. She knows that the ultimate test of a successful system is not that it was delivered, but that the people use it, adopt it, and become more productive over time. Megan’s goal is company concrete sustainability. Happy people, quality systems, quality work, efficiency – All leading to increased profitability for the company.