Change Management

Our more than 30 multidisciplinary consultants have an average of 19 years of practical, real world experience.

Using our BluePrint for Change© model and proven tools, we take a structured and practical approach to helping organizations successfully manage change that endures.

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From ERP and technology implementations to operational and structural transformations, successful change depends upon buy-in from every segment of the employee population. How do you ensure that employees at every level adopt the change and deliver on its promise? How do you take a proactive approach to creating successful and enduring change? The answers lie in effective change management, communication and training.

Our services encompass the entire change management lifecycle, from change readiness and impact assessments to training design and delivery. Whether your project requires one consultant or ten, Bellwether Transformations provides the proven talent with the skillset, tools and follow-through practices you need to achieve the change you want.

Strategy & Implementation

  • Vision and Measures for Change

  • Change Readiness and Impact Assessments

  • Leadership and Sponsorship Activation, Planning & Coaching

Change Management Plan

which can include

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Organizational Design

  • Communications and Employee Engagement

  • Training

  • Knowledge Transfer

  • Project Team Effectiveness

  • Post Change Assessment

We work with you to develop the following:

Vision & Measures for Change

If you build it, they will come.” A compelling vision of the future can motivate and inspire others by helping people understand the benefits of change — both for themselves and for your organization. We work with you to create a collaborative organizational change process among the right people in your organization, so that each person can clearly articulate the need for change and adoption measures, as well as describe what it will look like when the organization gets to where it needs to go.

Change Readiness And Impact Assessments

Anticipating reactions to an upcoming change provides critical insight into potential barriers. A change readiness assessment enables your organization to anticipate challenges to change and create strategies to mitigate risk. An impact assessment identifies and evaluates specific changes that will impact end users. Our customizable approach to assessing and planning for change means we’re prepared to help whenever you’re ready to get started.

Leadership and Sponsorship Activation, Planning & Coaching

Every leader, from the C-suite to frontline supervisor, has a critical and distinct role managing through change. We prepare your leaders to step into this role with the confidence and practical tools they need to successfully navigate change with their teams.

Change Management Plan

Stakeholder Management and Change Communication

Behind every change is a story. How you tell it can make or break your organizational change project. We help you get your story across through clear messages designed to reduce resistance and build buy-in. Whether you’re creating specific stakeholder management plans, an overall communication strategy or writing an FAQ, we have the expertise to tell your story in language that engages and motivates employees, managers, customers and other critical stakeholders.

Organizational Design

“Form follows function.” This statement is just as true for organizations as for architecture. Organizational change often exposes the need to change tasks, processes, roles and structure. We collaborate with you to ensure that these elements are all in synch and complementary. Together we help you create a smart, functional design that works across your organization.


Is your change project being derailed by a knowledge gap? Often organizational change requires employees to master new information and skills in order to perform their roles effectively. Our training programs are designed to bridge the knowledge gap by designing a training strategy, a training plan and a curriculum that creates new areas of competence in your employees.

Knowledge Transfer

Change often surfaces the need for a transfer of knowledge — shifting specialized knowledge or skills from one part of the organization to another. We help you identify the best way to transfer critical knowledge so that your organization can sustain the change into the future.

Project Team Effectiveness

How do you keep project teams and steering committees working at peak performance through all phases of the change project? Success lies with your change leadership team, subject matter experts and senior sponsors all working together at a fast, efficient pace, yet not burning out. We help you to identify and support team effectiveness and avoid potential problems along the way.

Post-Change Assessment

After all is said and done, organizations want results. But how do you measure them? How do you determine if your change project has achieved its objectives? Using interviews, focus groups and materials review, we help you measure your project’s success. Most importantly, our assessment process will reveal any further adoption actions you may need to take in order to sustain the change.