Welcoming A New Name: Bellwether Transformations image

Welcoming A New Name: Bellwether Transformations

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Introducing Bellwether Transformations, the new name for HR Transformations. When we started, we set out to be a leader in helping organizations plan, manage and implement change that endures, and we’ll continue to do so under our new name Bellwether Transformations. So why the change? Let’s explore.
Since 2007, our clients have trusted us to prepare the most important part of their organization for complex change – their people. We’ve expanded in North America as our experienced consultants have delivered both strategic thinking and hands-on planning and tools to make the disruptive process of change easier.

A bellwether leads others towards change. This is at the heart of what our consultants do every day. We help our clients lead their teams through complex change and succeed. And while our name is changing, our support and commitment to clients navigating change remains.

Expert in change management, training and organizational design, our consultants design customized solutions for clients who are undergoing significant business transformations, including digital and ERP implementations. We partner with our clients to prepare their teams through proven change management strategies focused on leadership alignment, change enablement, communications and training.

At the same time, we keep a close eye on the business risks as well as the rewards inherent with complex change initiatives. We help clients guard against interruptions to their business and customers and achieve the full benefits driving the change.

As we celebrate this milestone in our growth, we look forward to helping more organizations across North America achieve change success.
If your organization is looking for change management support, please connect with us.